Sunday, September 29, 2013

Burnt Gold Autumn

Hello everyone! Long time no see, hope you're all enjoying the last leg of the weekend I'm not ready for it to be over. I've been very busy with school and other personal matters and the fact that I've been extremely strapped for funds so I haven't gotten a chance to sew anything.

However lately I've been trying get more fall colors or should I say I've been more attracted to fall colors as you've seen with my previous post so I am pleased to introduce my newest creation Bette.
And did I mention I cut my hair? :) Well I digress, this is Bette the first dress I made with sleeves in a while too bad the weather is too hot to fully enjoy her.
I created her using this pattern below.
The funny thing is Bette didn't come out entirely like the pattern shown but that doesn't mean she's any less great if anything she has her own little special charm to her.
Here's a clearer shot of her on the dress form. I got the fabric of course from Joann's and it is 100% cotton. I didn't have a whole lot of trouble creating her and it was actually very fun since I haven't been able to sew in a while.
With my short hair I think it compliments the dress wonderfully and its actually great having short hair though I don't believe I fit the vintage pinup aesthetics but I like to think I make it work. :)
As you can see I had a little fun with this photo shoot :)
Bette is more of a quite sophisticated lady, work wear depending on the job.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope to share with you another one of my creations soon
Ja ne!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn Scallops

Afternoon everyone long time no see! :) Schools started and I've been busy rushing around buying books and supplies and dealing with this outrageous heat! Its been so hot and I heard its only going to get hotter so I won't be doing a whole lot of sewing until it cools down but I did want to introduce you to my latest creation.

Okay so I decided to join a sewalong hosted by Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly these lovely ladies are amazing and I wanted to be a part of a group of many seamstresses from all over the globe and sew with them. A virtual sewing circle :) Now I finished my project early and decided to share with you guys so I hope you enjoy. :)

This is Doris! I created her from a recent purchase of a 1950's pattern piece.
That is the pattern shown above and the fabric and buttons I used. This was my first time working with the intricate details in pattern, the side scallop opening.
Initially the bust was two small for me but it seems the person he had the pattern before me cut it in a way that fit me perfectly so I thank them.
Now I will admit the scallops where a bit of a challenge for me because I wanted them to have a perfect rounded shape because I'm a perfectionist but I knew that wouldn't happen the first go around but I'm proud of the way it came out.
Now the fabric I used was an on sale 100% cotton fabric from Joanns. Though I did have a hard time picking out the right fabric for the pattern because it couldn't be something too detailed because it would have thrown off the scallop detail so I went with a simple gold/ brown dot print which is perfect for fall and tied it with some nice brown buttons.
I was so in love with Doris I even made a custom fall inspired flower headband which you can see in the above picture.
Now Doris is more for a nice day at work or even a nice day on the town. I had to describe her as a sophisticated but down to earth dress.
Well I hope you all enjoyed and hopefully the heat dies down and I can share another creation with you.
Ja ne everyone! :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tropical Queen

Hello everyone! Time to share another creation of mine. :) Lately I've been feeling tropical prints nothing to flashy but nice prints that aren't in your face. I haven't been able to do a whole lot of fabric shopping because my funds have been going elsewhere and as it gets close to school I have no idea if I'll be making more outfits but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.

Now I'm trying something new and just introducing my creation out right. :) This is Tessa and she was a joy to make. I used a pattern I purchased recently, the bust was too small so I just altered the pattern to fit me.
This is the pattern in question and you know I had to buy it up real quick. This pattern is so cute and perfect for this lovely southern California weather we've been having. I choose not to make the bolero because I just couldn't afford it at the time. I've noticed that I buy a lot of Marian Martin patterns.
For the photo shoot wise it was taken at two different locations. The first location being the duck pond near my boyfriends house. It was actually very beautiful, well the water not so much. It was quiet and peaceful though I have a strong fear of geese's and they were everywhere.
Now as you can see I did a little contrast with Tessa, I made the collar a solid white and the rest a tropical print I choose from a trip to Joanns. The tropical print fabric is a cotton blend and has a nice flow to it and is very soft without being overtly see through.
Having a little fun :) And as you can see I've been trying a new hair style, the bumper bangs. My hair is so short I can't really do much with it vintage style wise but the bumper bangs and pin curls give me my own little unique look that I love.
This is the second location of our shoot and it was down at the beach it was more of a whim shoot. The boyfriend bought me a nice white umbrella to match my outfit. :) I just love this photo shoot its one of my favorites.
Now with Tessa I accessorized her with a simple white cardigan, white belt and white flats and keeping the jewelry to a minimum. Now Tessa is a beach girl and is for those sunny days at the beach or boardwalk.
 Well this concludes my latest post, I hope you lovelies enjoyed. :)
Ja ne everyone!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lace and Stripes

Evening everyone! Long time no post, I've been super busy and super strapped for cash lately so I haven't gotten around to making anything. However that doesn't mean my brain wasn't racked with ideas I actually felt myself going through withdrawal because I haven't sewn in so long so I decided when I got paid again I would finally take that trip
down to Mood fabrics.

So my boyfriend, little brother and I took a trip to downtown LA to Mood fabrics and I had to hold myself back from losing my mind in there because they have such a large selection of fabric that could put Joanns to shame.
So this just one wall of fabric at Mood and mind you they have several walls just stacked with fabric just so drool worthy. My brain was just racing a mile a minute, which fabric do I get? What will I make? Do I have the money for it? Lets be honest Mood is not at all cheap but they have better quality so its worth the purchase.
I did walk away with two bundles of fabric which came to a total of almost $100. One of the fabrics was from Ralph Lauren which explains why it was almost $100 I spent. So I did plan on making a dress using a recently purchased pattern however I decided to go back to an old pattern I used once before which was that one from the previous post.

I like that particular pattern because its like a blank canvas and you can play around with different ideas which I did with this dress. What inspired me with this dress was actually the fact that I've been feeling soft pastel colors especially green and I felt like creating something especially girly and playful.
 Now I would like to introduce you to my latest creation, Talula....!
 This is Talula and as you can she tell she is completely different from my other creations. The idea of the lace collar as well as the faux button top popped into my head one sleepless night and I decided to go with it. I really enjoyed creating her.
This is a close up of the collar and faux button up look. Now the fabric I worked with was actually really great to use and 100% cotton and its that durable type of cotton that is strong but still has a nice flow and stretch to it. The lace I got from Joanns and was on sale for a dollar that I had laying around and was actually nice and durable to work with as well.


This is me modeling Talula, I went to San Pedro to do my photo-shoot but it was extremely windy and my curls were blown out after a few minutes which bummed me out but the pictures still came out great and the pineapple bag I'm wearing is from H&M.
Talula is the type of dress you wear on a clear sunny day to just do anything, go out to eat, go out shopping, hang with friends and even work etc. She is very versatile though she isn't really a night out on the town dress.
Talula was a dress of trying new ideas and I enjoyed and loved how she came out and I hope to bring more outfits to everyone. :) Till next time.
Ja ne everyone! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear Darla

Hello everyone long time no see, hope you all are doing well. Sorry its been so long since I've posted but life has become somewhat hectic. I'm happy to share with you that I got a job recently and I'm super excited yet nervous about it. However the nice paycheck I got earlier this week as lit a fire in me. I haven't been purchasing a whole lot of fabric lately but when my next paycheck comes in I'll be buying a nice load of fabric to make more outfits.

Now I was able to acquire a pattern I was watching for quite some time a while back and I'll be sharing with you the results.

This is the pattern I got.
Isn't this pattern gorgeous! I loved the set up of the pockets and the neckline it even has pattern pieces to make a bolero though I didn't make one for the dress I'll be presenting to you. The bust for this was a 35 which is rare for me to find on etsy and was at a good price for me to just snatch it up. So took a trip to Joanns and got this lovely fabric which had a nice print to it.
Here she is a work in progress. I believe the fabric is a cotton blend...once again my terrible habit of not taking down the blend or type of fabric returns. I just get so excited I don't really stop to take down the fabric information.
Now I would like to introduce to you....Darla!
:) I'm very proud at how she turned out, she fits in all the right places and the neckline looks great. I loved making the pockets though. I love pockets on dresses I think they're just too cute and its a great way to store stuff if the cardigan or any kind of jacket you're styling with Darla doesn't have pockets.
Darla is great for everyday and workday she's long enough as to not get you in trouble if you're job has a strict dress code but short enough to make it fun and flirty for a day out. A simple black belt, cardigan and some nice accessories completes her for an everyday look and can transition over to work.
Another picture of me modeling Darla, I'd recommend wearing a slip because this fabric is easily manipulated by the wind :) but Darla is great for a warm summer day.

Alright so that wraps up this post. I'm hoping to post again soon but my work schedule leaves me tired and not wanting to do anything but sleep but I'm glad I was able to share Darla with everyone. :)
Ja ne everyone! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother Dear

Hello everyone! :) Another scorcher in southern California, I am just not made for this kind of weather but I do love the sunny clear skies. Anyways I wanted to post this on Mothers day but I am a tad late but this post is an appreciation post to my mother. Lately I've been making more and more outfits for her because why not?

My mother has been in my corner since the day I was born and has been supporting me in my sewing adventures. She's there when I need her and offers advice and critiques. Without her support I don't know where I'd be right now so this post is dedicated to her.

Once again this is a two for one post so I'm sharing some dresses I made for my mother. The first dress I made I actually made a while back and I'm just getting the chance to share with you. My mom picked out the fabric for this dress, its a very colorful argyle print and has a soft corduroy which oddly my mom didn't like but it was soft and a nice flow and she couldn't pass it up. :)

Below is the pattern I used to create the dress.
This pattern required a lot of fabric and had an interesting twist to it which I will share in a moment. The process of making this dress was a long and tedious one because I wanted to make sure everything was just right. :)
Sorry for the bad picture quality but this is the dress as I was working on it and if you think that is the front of the dress you'd be wrong. :) TWIST! its the back and it actually looks really great. However with this dress you'd need a helping hand.
Now I would like to present to you Simone...
Isn't she grand! I had to use a petticoat to give her that fullness but she can be worn without one. I adored the colors and the print of the fabric itself and she has a nice flow to her and I like how she isn't too overwhelming despite the bold bright print.
This is what she looks like from the back and as you can see the buttons go all the way down so this is a dress you'd want to wear with the help of a friend.
This is my lovely mother modeling her dress Simone. The dress is actually quite beautiful and it looks great on her. The accessories used are a pearl choker and some pearl earrings with her hair tied back in a ponytail.
Simone is a flirty fun dress which you'd could wear just about anywhere, maybe at work that isn't too strict about the dress code. Simone is a statement dress she'll turn heads. :)
The next dress I'll be sharing with you I made for mom for mothers day. :) This dress had a lot of trials for me. I didn't get enough fabric for the dress so I borrowed my boyfriends bike and rode all the way to Joanns which was not the best idea but I wanted to complete the dress before she got home for mothers day. However the fabric I originally got Joanns no longer had so I had to pick a different fabric which was a tad sheerer than the one I originally purchased. The print I chose was a white fabric with black polka dots.
So I was able to finish the dress an hour after mom returned home on mothers day which was fine with me because she got her gift on mothers day.
Below is the pattern I used which I recently purchased.
I bought this pattern with the idea that I don't have enough wiggle dress patterns and I absolutely love wiggle dresses. It was actually a pretty complex pattern to work with especially with the darts, faux back belt and collar but it was actually pretty fun to make.
Now let me introduce you to Dotty...
Now I have no pictures of Dotty on my dress form because my dress form didn't do her justice fit wise but this is her. Dolly is sheer like I said and would require a slip to wear her. The pattern originally had pockets but mom opted not to have those.
This is a view of the back, with the faux back belt however you can't really see the darts in this one.
Now Dotty is for the fun loving woman at work or out and about enjoying the day. I see this dress as more of a day outfit not something you'd wear in the night life.
Alright everyone that's it for now I hope you enjoyed and I hope to post more soon. For now you can check out my etsy ;)
Ja ne everyone!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lydia & Lorelei

Afternoon everyone long time no see! :) It has been a hectic last few weeks and I've been super busy but I am posting today to give you a two for the price of one post. However I would first like to add that I turned 21 on April 26th! so I'm still super excited about reaching the 21st milestone I still feel like a kid but I also feel older which is a crazy feeling.

Now besides it being my birthday I finally opened up my etsy shop yay! So I'm feeling super proud of myself. I also took the time to make my own name labels which is as equally exciting.

The outfits I'll be presenting to you are the playsuits I previously made in this post: 04/pink-flamingo.html">

I'm actually really in love with the pattern as you can tell so I decided to make both the skirt and the shorts together and sell them on my etsy. Both outfits were very time consuming and took a lot of effort because I was being a perfectionist. The first outfit I'll be presenting to you, her name is Lydia and she's made of a softer yet durable fabric I believe the same fabric I used to me Laura.

Now Presenting Lydia...

I apologize my dress form doesn't really do her justice here but I did have one of my models model her for me. Now I made Lydia out of all black because I was having a Beetlejuice moment and thought a playsuit would look great in all black especially since you can accessorize like crazy and add splashes of color if you so desire. Now these playsuits something I forgot to mention in the last post can be worn with or without a bra depending on your preference, however if you do decide to go braless I'd advise wearing pasties just in case.
Here are some more picture of Lydia being worn by my other model Emily, Emily is 5"4 with a bust of 33 and a waist of 28 just to give you an idea of the fit.

Emily was so awesome to work with and the outfits look great on her, we didn't do a whole lot of accessorizing her just a simple colorful head tie that gave the outfit that pop of color. :)
Now the final outfit was a joy to work with and has to be one of my favorite color combinations I've used. With the skirt pattern it was actually way longer than the pictures I'm about to show you because the pattern is originally made for pajamas so I had to shorten it. I actually shortened it in such a way that was perfect.
Introducing Lorelei...
Isn't she gorgeous! :) I had to give myself a pat on the back on this one because the colors and print just blend so well together. :) The skirt portion is made of a lighter sheerer fabric so you'd have to wear a slip underneath but it has a great flow.
This is an up close picture of my name labels I made. :)
With Lorelei we chose to with a simple brown belt and a large green bracelet which worked quite nicely. :)
These two outfits I believe are made for woman who is going beach side to enjoy a hot and sunny day. Lorelei is very playful and fun while Lydia is more reserved and laid back.
That's all for now everyone hope you enjoyed and below is a link to my etsy shop if you would like purchase one of these lovely outfits however I only ship within the US for now.
Ja ne everyone! :)