Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lydia & Lorelei

Afternoon everyone long time no see! :) It has been a hectic last few weeks and I've been super busy but I am posting today to give you a two for the price of one post. However I would first like to add that I turned 21 on April 26th! so I'm still super excited about reaching the 21st milestone I still feel like a kid but I also feel older which is a crazy feeling.

Now besides it being my birthday I finally opened up my etsy shop yay! So I'm feeling super proud of myself. I also took the time to make my own name labels which is as equally exciting.

The outfits I'll be presenting to you are the playsuits I previously made in this post: 04/pink-flamingo.html">

I'm actually really in love with the pattern as you can tell so I decided to make both the skirt and the shorts together and sell them on my etsy. Both outfits were very time consuming and took a lot of effort because I was being a perfectionist. The first outfit I'll be presenting to you, her name is Lydia and she's made of a softer yet durable fabric I believe the same fabric I used to me Laura.

Now Presenting Lydia...

I apologize my dress form doesn't really do her justice here but I did have one of my models model her for me. Now I made Lydia out of all black because I was having a Beetlejuice moment and thought a playsuit would look great in all black especially since you can accessorize like crazy and add splashes of color if you so desire. Now these playsuits something I forgot to mention in the last post can be worn with or without a bra depending on your preference, however if you do decide to go braless I'd advise wearing pasties just in case.
Here are some more picture of Lydia being worn by my other model Emily, Emily is 5"4 with a bust of 33 and a waist of 28 just to give you an idea of the fit.

Emily was so awesome to work with and the outfits look great on her, we didn't do a whole lot of accessorizing her just a simple colorful head tie that gave the outfit that pop of color. :)
Now the final outfit was a joy to work with and has to be one of my favorite color combinations I've used. With the skirt pattern it was actually way longer than the pictures I'm about to show you because the pattern is originally made for pajamas so I had to shorten it. I actually shortened it in such a way that was perfect.
Introducing Lorelei...
Isn't she gorgeous! :) I had to give myself a pat on the back on this one because the colors and print just blend so well together. :) The skirt portion is made of a lighter sheerer fabric so you'd have to wear a slip underneath but it has a great flow.
This is an up close picture of my name labels I made. :)
With Lorelei we chose to with a simple brown belt and a large green bracelet which worked quite nicely. :)
These two outfits I believe are made for woman who is going beach side to enjoy a hot and sunny day. Lorelei is very playful and fun while Lydia is more reserved and laid back.
That's all for now everyone hope you enjoyed and below is a link to my etsy shop if you would like purchase one of these lovely outfits however I only ship within the US for now.
Ja ne everyone! :)

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