Friday, August 9, 2013

Tropical Queen

Hello everyone! Time to share another creation of mine. :) Lately I've been feeling tropical prints nothing to flashy but nice prints that aren't in your face. I haven't been able to do a whole lot of fabric shopping because my funds have been going elsewhere and as it gets close to school I have no idea if I'll be making more outfits but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.

Now I'm trying something new and just introducing my creation out right. :) This is Tessa and she was a joy to make. I used a pattern I purchased recently, the bust was too small so I just altered the pattern to fit me.
This is the pattern in question and you know I had to buy it up real quick. This pattern is so cute and perfect for this lovely southern California weather we've been having. I choose not to make the bolero because I just couldn't afford it at the time. I've noticed that I buy a lot of Marian Martin patterns.
For the photo shoot wise it was taken at two different locations. The first location being the duck pond near my boyfriends house. It was actually very beautiful, well the water not so much. It was quiet and peaceful though I have a strong fear of geese's and they were everywhere.
Now as you can see I did a little contrast with Tessa, I made the collar a solid white and the rest a tropical print I choose from a trip to Joanns. The tropical print fabric is a cotton blend and has a nice flow to it and is very soft without being overtly see through.
Having a little fun :) And as you can see I've been trying a new hair style, the bumper bangs. My hair is so short I can't really do much with it vintage style wise but the bumper bangs and pin curls give me my own little unique look that I love.
This is the second location of our shoot and it was down at the beach it was more of a whim shoot. The boyfriend bought me a nice white umbrella to match my outfit. :) I just love this photo shoot its one of my favorites.
Now with Tessa I accessorized her with a simple white cardigan, white belt and white flats and keeping the jewelry to a minimum. Now Tessa is a beach girl and is for those sunny days at the beach or boardwalk.
 Well this concludes my latest post, I hope you lovelies enjoyed. :)
Ja ne everyone!

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