Friday, March 15, 2013

She's Filled With Secrets

Hello all! :) I'm posting sooner than expected because I want to share my newest creation with you. The idea was to have my friend model it for me but I couldn't wait for next week I wanted to share her with you now.

Now recently I've been watching the 90's show Twin Peaks and I entirely blame the people I follow on tumblr haha. I was lucky that netflix has both seasons streaming online and I fell in love with the show. It was something different and unqiue especially for a 90's show.  I would have to say my favorite character is Audrey Horne I could swoon about her for hours but the dress I created was not where I drew the inspiration.

I based this dress on the Red Room, I loved the layout and colors used in the room. However I couldn't get my hands on fabric that had the black and white design on it so I used a deep red. The pattern I used is from the 60's and yes I got it off etsy. :)

This is the pattern. I really loved the way it looked and the flow it had to it and it was relatively easy to sew. The fabric I used with a cotton spandex blend but its very soft and has a great flow. :) However I wanted to give the dress a Twin Peaks feel so I was going to do some embroidery however I am not the best when it comes to emboridery so I did my best with her.
"The Red Room"
Now let me introduce you to Laura :)
This is her before I did the embroidery, she came out very well and I'm so proud I just can't get over how soft the fabric is without being super thin and see through.
This is me wearing Laura and she does have great flow I was very shocked and surprised when I spun around the first time haha. The type of person I see in Laura is a fun and flirty girl who isn't afraid to take risks and go on adventures. This great for an everyday outting and you can even dress it up for a night on the town. Shes very versatile. :)
As you can see I really enjoyed modeling this dress haha.
This is the embroidery I used, its small but I like it. Hopefully I get better with embroidery but its nice I got the practice in.
Thats all for now folks have a great weekend everyone! Ja ne! :)

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