Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear Darla

Hello everyone long time no see, hope you all are doing well. Sorry its been so long since I've posted but life has become somewhat hectic. I'm happy to share with you that I got a job recently and I'm super excited yet nervous about it. However the nice paycheck I got earlier this week as lit a fire in me. I haven't been purchasing a whole lot of fabric lately but when my next paycheck comes in I'll be buying a nice load of fabric to make more outfits.

Now I was able to acquire a pattern I was watching for quite some time a while back and I'll be sharing with you the results.

This is the pattern I got.
Isn't this pattern gorgeous! I loved the set up of the pockets and the neckline it even has pattern pieces to make a bolero though I didn't make one for the dress I'll be presenting to you. The bust for this was a 35 which is rare for me to find on etsy and was at a good price for me to just snatch it up. So took a trip to Joanns and got this lovely fabric which had a nice print to it.
Here she is a work in progress. I believe the fabric is a cotton blend...once again my terrible habit of not taking down the blend or type of fabric returns. I just get so excited I don't really stop to take down the fabric information.
Now I would like to introduce to you....Darla!
:) I'm very proud at how she turned out, she fits in all the right places and the neckline looks great. I loved making the pockets though. I love pockets on dresses I think they're just too cute and its a great way to store stuff if the cardigan or any kind of jacket you're styling with Darla doesn't have pockets.
Darla is great for everyday and workday she's long enough as to not get you in trouble if you're job has a strict dress code but short enough to make it fun and flirty for a day out. A simple black belt, cardigan and some nice accessories completes her for an everyday look and can transition over to work.
Another picture of me modeling Darla, I'd recommend wearing a slip because this fabric is easily manipulated by the wind :) but Darla is great for a warm summer day.

Alright so that wraps up this post. I'm hoping to post again soon but my work schedule leaves me tired and not wanting to do anything but sleep but I'm glad I was able to share Darla with everyone. :)
Ja ne everyone! :)