Monday, July 15, 2013

Lace and Stripes

Evening everyone! Long time no post, I've been super busy and super strapped for cash lately so I haven't gotten around to making anything. However that doesn't mean my brain wasn't racked with ideas I actually felt myself going through withdrawal because I haven't sewn in so long so I decided when I got paid again I would finally take that trip
down to Mood fabrics.

So my boyfriend, little brother and I took a trip to downtown LA to Mood fabrics and I had to hold myself back from losing my mind in there because they have such a large selection of fabric that could put Joanns to shame.
So this just one wall of fabric at Mood and mind you they have several walls just stacked with fabric just so drool worthy. My brain was just racing a mile a minute, which fabric do I get? What will I make? Do I have the money for it? Lets be honest Mood is not at all cheap but they have better quality so its worth the purchase.
I did walk away with two bundles of fabric which came to a total of almost $100. One of the fabrics was from Ralph Lauren which explains why it was almost $100 I spent. So I did plan on making a dress using a recently purchased pattern however I decided to go back to an old pattern I used once before which was that one from the previous post.

I like that particular pattern because its like a blank canvas and you can play around with different ideas which I did with this dress. What inspired me with this dress was actually the fact that I've been feeling soft pastel colors especially green and I felt like creating something especially girly and playful.
 Now I would like to introduce you to my latest creation, Talula....!
 This is Talula and as you can she tell she is completely different from my other creations. The idea of the lace collar as well as the faux button top popped into my head one sleepless night and I decided to go with it. I really enjoyed creating her.
This is a close up of the collar and faux button up look. Now the fabric I worked with was actually really great to use and 100% cotton and its that durable type of cotton that is strong but still has a nice flow and stretch to it. The lace I got from Joanns and was on sale for a dollar that I had laying around and was actually nice and durable to work with as well.


This is me modeling Talula, I went to San Pedro to do my photo-shoot but it was extremely windy and my curls were blown out after a few minutes which bummed me out but the pictures still came out great and the pineapple bag I'm wearing is from H&M.
Talula is the type of dress you wear on a clear sunny day to just do anything, go out to eat, go out shopping, hang with friends and even work etc. She is very versatile though she isn't really a night out on the town dress.
Talula was a dress of trying new ideas and I enjoyed and loved how she came out and I hope to bring more outfits to everyone. :) Till next time.
Ja ne everyone! 

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