Wednesday, January 28, 2015

60's Mamma Jamma

Hello again everyone! Hope all is well and grand! I'm here to present to you a new garment I made. Lately I've been gravitating towards a more 60's look nothing too loud and vibrant and especially towards the long maxi dresses with fun sleeves. So I took a trip down to Mood and picked out a lovely silk fabric.

This is the pattern I choose, I loved pattern A but I didn't like the openness and the ribbons on the front so I just switched out that bodice with the the bodice from B. Now I've never worked with a silk fabric before and it was actually pretty difficult but I have to say it was worth it.

one large cup of coffee and staying up for 24 hours came this magical wonderful result.

It came out so beautiful and I'm still in awe that I made this! This dress flows so beautifully and is so soft and stunning! I decided to name her Barb and she is an daytime nighttime dress. Wear out with your friends on a beach/shopping day or wear it out on a date this dress will surely attract the right kind of attention!

This dress makes me want to dance, which I did during this photo shoot. :) I love love love my newest creation and shopping at Mood has broaden my fabric horizons!

Ja ne everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Colorful Pinafore's

Happy 2015 everyone! It's been a while, I've been so busy with work school and making more garments to show you all. Lately I've been making skirts because I can make them with less time and ease and you can never have enough different style of skirts. Now the skirts I'm attracted to are the full skirts just because I love to twirl around and dance in them and I found an awesome pattern that I had to have.

This is a lovely pinafore skirt and I absolutely had to have this amazing pattern so I snatched it up real quick. With a trip to the Long Beach Depot of Creative Reuse and Mood fabrics I made two lovely skirts with two fun personalities. 

This is fabric I got from mood and is a plaid wool blend and is very warm has a nice poof even without the canvas underskirt I was wearing at the time. This skirt requires a simple top but can have some fun accessories but I choose to keep it simple to show off the skirt.

And did I mention these skirts had pockets! I'm a sucker for a skirt with pockets because I really don't like carrying around a purse because I'm the forgetful type and I don't like it weighing me down.

My camera tilted at this shot haha.

Now the next skirt I created was using fabric I bought from my friends shop Long Beach Depot of Creative Reuse and they carry a lot of knick knacks and items people usually throw out, its an artists heaven.

The fabric I'm not sure but it is very thick and heavy but not as warm as the skirt above.

These skirts were so fun to make and I can't wait to make more to sell to you all :) So keep your eyes peeled.