Sunday, September 29, 2013

Burnt Gold Autumn

Hello everyone! Long time no see, hope you're all enjoying the last leg of the weekend I'm not ready for it to be over. I've been very busy with school and other personal matters and the fact that I've been extremely strapped for funds so I haven't gotten a chance to sew anything.

However lately I've been trying get more fall colors or should I say I've been more attracted to fall colors as you've seen with my previous post so I am pleased to introduce my newest creation Bette.
And did I mention I cut my hair? :) Well I digress, this is Bette the first dress I made with sleeves in a while too bad the weather is too hot to fully enjoy her.
I created her using this pattern below.
The funny thing is Bette didn't come out entirely like the pattern shown but that doesn't mean she's any less great if anything she has her own little special charm to her.
Here's a clearer shot of her on the dress form. I got the fabric of course from Joann's and it is 100% cotton. I didn't have a whole lot of trouble creating her and it was actually very fun since I haven't been able to sew in a while.
With my short hair I think it compliments the dress wonderfully and its actually great having short hair though I don't believe I fit the vintage pinup aesthetics but I like to think I make it work. :)
As you can see I had a little fun with this photo shoot :)
Bette is more of a quite sophisticated lady, work wear depending on the job.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope to share with you another one of my creations soon
Ja ne!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn Scallops

Afternoon everyone long time no see! :) Schools started and I've been busy rushing around buying books and supplies and dealing with this outrageous heat! Its been so hot and I heard its only going to get hotter so I won't be doing a whole lot of sewing until it cools down but I did want to introduce you to my latest creation.

Okay so I decided to join a sewalong hosted by Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly these lovely ladies are amazing and I wanted to be a part of a group of many seamstresses from all over the globe and sew with them. A virtual sewing circle :) Now I finished my project early and decided to share with you guys so I hope you enjoy. :)

This is Doris! I created her from a recent purchase of a 1950's pattern piece.
That is the pattern shown above and the fabric and buttons I used. This was my first time working with the intricate details in pattern, the side scallop opening.
Initially the bust was two small for me but it seems the person he had the pattern before me cut it in a way that fit me perfectly so I thank them.
Now I will admit the scallops where a bit of a challenge for me because I wanted them to have a perfect rounded shape because I'm a perfectionist but I knew that wouldn't happen the first go around but I'm proud of the way it came out.
Now the fabric I used was an on sale 100% cotton fabric from Joanns. Though I did have a hard time picking out the right fabric for the pattern because it couldn't be something too detailed because it would have thrown off the scallop detail so I went with a simple gold/ brown dot print which is perfect for fall and tied it with some nice brown buttons.
I was so in love with Doris I even made a custom fall inspired flower headband which you can see in the above picture.
Now Doris is more for a nice day at work or even a nice day on the town. I had to describe her as a sophisticated but down to earth dress.
Well I hope you all enjoyed and hopefully the heat dies down and I can share another creation with you.
Ja ne everyone! :)