Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cigarette Pants and the Atomic Bag

Hello everyone! Hope all is well especially after the earthquakes we've been having lately. I'm here to share another separates post because as summer draws closer I want to be able to mix and match my pieces.

This is the pattern I used, this pattern I have been searching for, for over a year now. I found a listing for it but the seller was just asking way too much and on a whim about a month ago I searched around again and I found another seller selling it for much cheaper and of course I snatched it up. I love these pants as well as the top but I mainly fell in love with the pants because I love high waisted pants and they are just so slim and sleek. I was only able to make the pants not the top since money has been tight.

And here are the pants, I used a cotton stripped denim I got on sale at Joann's. It is very softly and slightly sheer but not sheer enough to where it is inappropriate. I paired it with a sleeveless white turtle neck, a vintage head scarf as well as atomic lunch bag turned into purse that I'll shall shortly.

This is the atomic bag I purchased, it was actually a lunch bag but I decided it would get a better use if I turned it into a purse and it actually holds a lot I just have to be delicate with it.

Here is a better shot of it.


I plan on making more of these because these pants really show off my figure and it doesn't hurt that the day was very beautiful but very windy which my mom did not enjoy since the vintage dress we were taking pictures of was blowing every which way.

This is the vintage dress my mom was modeling. She is an avid vintage dress collector and we've been taking more and more pictures of her in these dresses so we can share them, in the future I plan on compiling them into a master post I hope to share with you all soon. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post :)

Ja ne everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello everyone hope you all are enjoying spring, I know I am. Though I must say I'm still wearing a lot of fall colors I just can't help it I gravitate towards darker colors and hues. Recently I've been buying a lot of patterns that are separates instead of dress patterns because I want to be able to mix and match my creations. While looking around on etsy I found this beautiful skirt pattern that I just had to have.

This is the pattern and I just fell in love so of course I bought though it was a very large pattern so I ended up having to shorten in when I transferred it to fabric. The type of fabric I used was a linen blend so it drapes very well though I'd watch out for windy days.

This is my lovely circle skirt, I shopped around Joanns for two hours and still ended up picking a dark color but I really love this color brown. I paired it with some vintage boots I received, some brown tights and a sleeveless turtle neck with minimal accessories. I really love this entire outfit and the scarf is also vintage. This can be a fun flirty outfit that can even be worn to a laid back job.

I really had fun creating this skirt because it's something simple to make and you can make a ton with different designs on it like on the pattern shown.

I'm hoping to make more of these skirts in the future, I hope you enjoyed.

Ja ne everyone!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

White Stripes

Hello again everyone! Hope those in socal enjoyed the well needed rain.

I'm here to introduce another dress to you and it's sooner than you all probably expected though I did make this dress a couple of months back I got a chance to be able to have a photo shoot so I could share this with you. The pattern I used was something I just stumbled across on esty and I fell in love.

This is the pattern and I believe it's from the late 50's early 60's and I just loved the block pattern for the top and bottom of the dress for dress A and I loved the scallops for B.

I planned to make custom orders for this dress but money has been tight as of late however if any readers would like to discuss getting this dress made for them just drop me a line.

Now I would like to introduce Carrie.

I loved the colors used for dress A so much I recreated it, and it's amazing! I used Linen for the white portion which gives it a little weight though the down side is the wrinkles.

So Carrie is more of a spring into summer kind of dress, you'd wear her out on a nice day, to the beach, park etc. I really do love this dress and she was fun to make and if you'd like to have this dress custom made for you just drop me a line. :) I hope to bring you more creations soon I hope you enjoyed.

Ja ne everyone!