Sunday, March 31, 2013

Summer Beat: Pattern Collection Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! It is another beautiful day in southern California and with my recent weather update its going to get even more beautiful and hotter.  This means I have to break out all my spring/summer cloths which should be fun since my closet is overing flowing with clothes right now to the point where my door is broken haha. Anyways I've been pattern shopping once again and have been buying summer related patterns though I don't believe I'll be buying fabric anytime soon due to higher priorities.

So I would like to share my pattern collection for spring/summer.

This is my lastest purchase off esty and oh my gosh did I hit a gold mine this week. This pattern wasn't too expensive around $20 but it was very well spent. This pattern is perfect for spring/summer and I just adore it. Theres a third outfit; its a dress but it was cut out. This will be the first time I'll be making three outfits so this project will be a long one but well worth it.

This is another gold mine find for me. this pattern cost me only $12! Its a pajama pattern but I can see some use of it as a day outfit. I believe this is a 1940's pattern I'm not entirely sure. I cannot wait to get started on this beauty.

Another summer dress, well a wrap dress anyway. :) This cost around $16 and I just thought this one was so cute.
Another good find for me :) this one is from the 60's and kind of reminds me of a nice beach side outfit or a picnic outfit.
Last but not least this gem. I bought this 50's pattern a while back but I think it would be a perfect summer outfit. :) I even have a dress to share with you that I made from this pattern.
This is Charlotte and I like the colors they used in the pattern so I decided to use them in my garment. The collar was a very interesting make and I enjoyed how she came out. Charlotte is the kind of dress you would wear on a nice summer day maybe out for a stroll or a picnic. Somewhat reserved but still playful and fun. :)
Welp thats all for now hopefully I can update soon and show you more of my creations. Hope everyone enjoyed.
Ja ne! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hey everyone! Man this Southern California weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day its cloudy and windy the next its sunny and hot its crazy haha, but I love it. :) I am happy to share another dress with you. This particular dress was filled with experiments and trying new things. The pattern I used for this dress was actually too small for me, in the bust area that is. So I decided to purchase pattern paper and adjust the size so that it would fit. I searched around for how to resize patterns and I kinda just took different aspects and it was actually pretty simple I surprised myself. I purchased the pattern paper off of amazon and it was 12 dollars. When I first got it, it felt really soft and flimsy but it was actually quite durable.

This is the pattern I used, its such a lovely pattern and I had to have it and as you can see the bust is a 32 which I am not haha. I only made the dress I didn't make the jacket because money has been tight lately so I couldn't afford anymore fabric.

This is my new kitten Max :) he is a super playful kitten and was trying to help me sew but the little guy was actually in my way but it was cute he tried. The fabric I choose was a cotten blend though I can't really remember what it was blended with. I need to be more aware of the blends but it is very soft however it is a bit see through but that is easily fixed with a slip. The dress itself took around a day to complete though I did make some minor adjustments with the zipper.

As you can see I did a little embroidery on the collar, they are crescent moons hence the name of this post. It took a couple of tries with the moons because I am a perfectionist but I like how they turned out and they gave the dress more personality.
As I said before this dress came with me trying new things and one of them was putting them on someone besides me or my mother. This is the first time I've used a model since sometimes its hard for me to have someone else take pictures of me in the dress for some reason. My friend volunteered to be my model and I love her so much for that. I was a little nervous doing the photoshoot since it was my first time really doing anything like that and I'm not professional photographer but I like how the pictures turned out.
Now I'm proud to introduce my creation Luna as worn by my model Denise. :)

No real accessories with this dress because its fine on its own but it can accessorized with many different things.
Luna is the type of dress worn by someone who is going out and about shopping, out a nice restaurant or just enjoying a sunny day at the beach. I would categorize this dress as a spring/summer dress.

Heres a close up of the embroidery on the collar :)

Welp I hope everyone enjoyed, feel free to comment if you like. As of now I won't really be working on anything new since money is tight for me but I hope to share a new creation with everyone as soon as I can.

Ja ne everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2013

She's Filled With Secrets

Hello all! :) I'm posting sooner than expected because I want to share my newest creation with you. The idea was to have my friend model it for me but I couldn't wait for next week I wanted to share her with you now.

Now recently I've been watching the 90's show Twin Peaks and I entirely blame the people I follow on tumblr haha. I was lucky that netflix has both seasons streaming online and I fell in love with the show. It was something different and unqiue especially for a 90's show.  I would have to say my favorite character is Audrey Horne I could swoon about her for hours but the dress I created was not where I drew the inspiration.

I based this dress on the Red Room, I loved the layout and colors used in the room. However I couldn't get my hands on fabric that had the black and white design on it so I used a deep red. The pattern I used is from the 60's and yes I got it off etsy. :)

This is the pattern. I really loved the way it looked and the flow it had to it and it was relatively easy to sew. The fabric I used with a cotton spandex blend but its very soft and has a great flow. :) However I wanted to give the dress a Twin Peaks feel so I was going to do some embroidery however I am not the best when it comes to emboridery so I did my best with her.
"The Red Room"
Now let me introduce you to Laura :)
This is her before I did the embroidery, she came out very well and I'm so proud I just can't get over how soft the fabric is without being super thin and see through.
This is me wearing Laura and she does have great flow I was very shocked and surprised when I spun around the first time haha. The type of person I see in Laura is a fun and flirty girl who isn't afraid to take risks and go on adventures. This great for an everyday outting and you can even dress it up for a night on the town. Shes very versatile. :)
As you can see I really enjoyed modeling this dress haha.
This is the embroidery I used, its small but I like it. Hopefully I get better with embroidery but its nice I got the practice in.
Thats all for now folks have a great weekend everyone! Ja ne! :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Pattern Collection Part1

Hello all, hope everyone is doing great in this wonderful month of March. Sorry I've been gone for a while, I've been busy with school among other things. So this post is dedicated to my ever growing pattern collection. Ever since I learned how to sew in school I've been buying up patterns left and right off my favorite shopping site etsy.

I usually go for vintage 40's and 50's patterns but I do love the occasional 60's pattern and I even have a pattern from the 80's. However the draw back with older patterns is that once they can be incredibly expensive and two they don't fit my large bust size. At first I would struggle just to find a bust 34 pattern which isn't my bust size but I can fit into it but now I've decided to just go for the smaller bust sizes and alter the pattern to make it fit me. So with that being said I will be buying more patterns and it will be to the point where I need like a huge storage trunk which I do need for my clothes anyway just to fit all my patterns.

I've also been trying to get my close friends to start modeling my clothes for me just because its hard to get someone to take pictures of me when I want them too. As of right now I just have one friend who will model for me right now.

So let me show you a small portion of my pattern collection.

Alright so this a bit of my patter collection, some of these I've made some I haven't. Starting with the very bottom left is one of the first patterns I used and probably one of the first patterns I purchased off etsy. I fell in love with the neckline and sleeves and how they came together and it was very well priced and it fit my bust size. :)
This is me modeling the dress who I named Gene :) This is actually one of my go to dress though I try not to wear her too close together. I'm really proud at how she turned out though the fabric I used was a thin cotton from Joanns.
The two patterns in the middle I've already displayed in previous posts, Lucy and Venus. Now the very first pattern I made for a friend and she is gorgeous and wonderful. She customized the way it looked herself and I just sew it for her. :) I was actually really proud and she looked amazing in it.
This is her modeling the dress. :)

Welp that is all for today for me, I hope to post a new creation soon.
This is a link to my friends tumblr, check her out. :)

Ja ne everyone!