Sunday, March 31, 2013

Summer Beat: Pattern Collection Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! It is another beautiful day in southern California and with my recent weather update its going to get even more beautiful and hotter.  This means I have to break out all my spring/summer cloths which should be fun since my closet is overing flowing with clothes right now to the point where my door is broken haha. Anyways I've been pattern shopping once again and have been buying summer related patterns though I don't believe I'll be buying fabric anytime soon due to higher priorities.

So I would like to share my pattern collection for spring/summer.

This is my lastest purchase off esty and oh my gosh did I hit a gold mine this week. This pattern wasn't too expensive around $20 but it was very well spent. This pattern is perfect for spring/summer and I just adore it. Theres a third outfit; its a dress but it was cut out. This will be the first time I'll be making three outfits so this project will be a long one but well worth it.

This is another gold mine find for me. this pattern cost me only $12! Its a pajama pattern but I can see some use of it as a day outfit. I believe this is a 1940's pattern I'm not entirely sure. I cannot wait to get started on this beauty.

Another summer dress, well a wrap dress anyway. :) This cost around $16 and I just thought this one was so cute.
Another good find for me :) this one is from the 60's and kind of reminds me of a nice beach side outfit or a picnic outfit.
Last but not least this gem. I bought this 50's pattern a while back but I think it would be a perfect summer outfit. :) I even have a dress to share with you that I made from this pattern.
This is Charlotte and I like the colors they used in the pattern so I decided to use them in my garment. The collar was a very interesting make and I enjoyed how she came out. Charlotte is the kind of dress you would wear on a nice summer day maybe out for a stroll or a picnic. Somewhat reserved but still playful and fun. :)
Welp thats all for now hopefully I can update soon and show you more of my creations. Hope everyone enjoyed.
Ja ne! :)

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