Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Pattern Collection Part1

Hello all, hope everyone is doing great in this wonderful month of March. Sorry I've been gone for a while, I've been busy with school among other things. So this post is dedicated to my ever growing pattern collection. Ever since I learned how to sew in school I've been buying up patterns left and right off my favorite shopping site etsy.

I usually go for vintage 40's and 50's patterns but I do love the occasional 60's pattern and I even have a pattern from the 80's. However the draw back with older patterns is that once they can be incredibly expensive and two they don't fit my large bust size. At first I would struggle just to find a bust 34 pattern which isn't my bust size but I can fit into it but now I've decided to just go for the smaller bust sizes and alter the pattern to make it fit me. So with that being said I will be buying more patterns and it will be to the point where I need like a huge storage trunk which I do need for my clothes anyway just to fit all my patterns.

I've also been trying to get my close friends to start modeling my clothes for me just because its hard to get someone to take pictures of me when I want them too. As of right now I just have one friend who will model for me right now.

So let me show you a small portion of my pattern collection.

Alright so this a bit of my patter collection, some of these I've made some I haven't. Starting with the very bottom left is one of the first patterns I used and probably one of the first patterns I purchased off etsy. I fell in love with the neckline and sleeves and how they came together and it was very well priced and it fit my bust size. :)
This is me modeling the dress who I named Gene :) This is actually one of my go to dress though I try not to wear her too close together. I'm really proud at how she turned out though the fabric I used was a thin cotton from Joanns.
The two patterns in the middle I've already displayed in previous posts, Lucy and Venus. Now the very first pattern I made for a friend and she is gorgeous and wonderful. She customized the way it looked herself and I just sew it for her. :) I was actually really proud and she looked amazing in it.
This is her modeling the dress. :)

Welp that is all for today for me, I hope to post a new creation soon.
This is a link to my friends tumblr, check her out. :) http://magicbuffet.tumblr.com/

Ja ne everyone!

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