Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink Flamingo!

Hello everyone! hope all is going well, I'm a busy bee during my spring break. Recently I went to Joanns with my mother and we bought a boat load of fabric so the past few days I've been nonstop sewing. So far I've made three things but I'll be showing you the second project I've completed.

Now while at Joanns I spotted this adorable fabric with a flamingo print on it and I just knew that is was perfect for the 40's pajama pattern that I bought recently. Now this project took roughly about a day and I improvised in some areas.


I shared this pattern in my previous pattern collection. This is a pajama pattern but I thought it would be cuter as a day/beach outfit. There was a piece missing which was the cuff for the sleeve so I just put my own spin on it and I made the pants a tad shorter. :) Now I'm a real stickler about buying interfacing because I am a cheap broke college student even though I should have bought some for this outfit but either way it still came out great.

This is the fabric :) the pattern itself had a smaller bust size so I had to adjust the size using the pattern paper I purchased.


This is both the top and bottom of the outfit before completion and at first I thought it would be too overwhelming but it actually came together quite nicely.

Now let me introduce you to Anita :)


I tried a different area in which to do my photo shoot so I and my wonderful boyfriend/photographer went down to San Pedro which turned out to be the perfect area to do the shoot.


I actually had a really good time doing this shoot and the water was freezing!

Now Anita is the type of outfit you wear on a hot day to the beach or a car show. She's flirty and fun and I had a great time creating her. :)

That's it for now, hopefully I can share more creations with you soon hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment if you would like.

Side note: I'm hoping to open up my Esty shop next month so I can start selling some of my creations.

Ja ne everyone!

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