Monday, March 25, 2013


Hey everyone! Man this Southern California weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day its cloudy and windy the next its sunny and hot its crazy haha, but I love it. :) I am happy to share another dress with you. This particular dress was filled with experiments and trying new things. The pattern I used for this dress was actually too small for me, in the bust area that is. So I decided to purchase pattern paper and adjust the size so that it would fit. I searched around for how to resize patterns and I kinda just took different aspects and it was actually pretty simple I surprised myself. I purchased the pattern paper off of amazon and it was 12 dollars. When I first got it, it felt really soft and flimsy but it was actually quite durable.

This is the pattern I used, its such a lovely pattern and I had to have it and as you can see the bust is a 32 which I am not haha. I only made the dress I didn't make the jacket because money has been tight lately so I couldn't afford anymore fabric.

This is my new kitten Max :) he is a super playful kitten and was trying to help me sew but the little guy was actually in my way but it was cute he tried. The fabric I choose was a cotten blend though I can't really remember what it was blended with. I need to be more aware of the blends but it is very soft however it is a bit see through but that is easily fixed with a slip. The dress itself took around a day to complete though I did make some minor adjustments with the zipper.

As you can see I did a little embroidery on the collar, they are crescent moons hence the name of this post. It took a couple of tries with the moons because I am a perfectionist but I like how they turned out and they gave the dress more personality.
As I said before this dress came with me trying new things and one of them was putting them on someone besides me or my mother. This is the first time I've used a model since sometimes its hard for me to have someone else take pictures of me in the dress for some reason. My friend volunteered to be my model and I love her so much for that. I was a little nervous doing the photoshoot since it was my first time really doing anything like that and I'm not professional photographer but I like how the pictures turned out.
Now I'm proud to introduce my creation Luna as worn by my model Denise. :)

No real accessories with this dress because its fine on its own but it can accessorized with many different things.
Luna is the type of dress worn by someone who is going out and about shopping, out a nice restaurant or just enjoying a sunny day at the beach. I would categorize this dress as a spring/summer dress.

Heres a close up of the embroidery on the collar :)

Welp I hope everyone enjoyed, feel free to comment if you like. As of now I won't really be working on anything new since money is tight for me but I hope to share a new creation with everyone as soon as I can.

Ja ne everyone!

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