Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Black Dress

Afternoon everyone I hope you had a great weekend and a great Valentines day :). My week has actually been quite stressful, my cat Sassy died suddenly, she was only three years old so I haven't been really motivated to do much of anything and spring semester for my school started as well so I've been preoccupied with that.
My lastest creation is something that is a classic staple in ones closet...the little black dress. We all at least have one, that cute dress that you can do just about anything with. So I decided it was time I make my own little black dress :). I used a pattern I used perviously for another dress but with this dress I added sleeves to it.
My goal for this dress was to get a thicker fabric because the cheaper ones I use at Joanns are too sheer so I wanted to take a trip to downtown LA to the garment district but my budget was tight so I just decided to go to Joanns and get the more expensive fabric. If you want good flow and looks you have to got for the most expensive it seems. So I purchased this cotton poly blended fabric and it felt just great and the flow was lovely.
I know the picture quality is bad but heres the pattern and fabric I decided to use. I really love Marian Martin patterns, I dunno just some of looks of them is just nice.

This pattern was really easy to work with not a whole lot of pieces to deal with and the fabric was great to work with. This dress would have took about a day to complete but since I had been so busy with school it took longer. Now let me introduce you to Claudia :).

I just love how the skirt falls and it flows so nice I love it! :)

This is me modeling Claudia, she fits great and of course can be accessorized with anything :).
Welp I hope you guys enjoyed and hopefully I can share another dress with you soon, Ja ne everyone. :)
In Memory of Sassy June 2010- February 10th 2013

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