Sunday, March 2, 2014

White Stripes

Hello again everyone! Hope those in socal enjoyed the well needed rain.

I'm here to introduce another dress to you and it's sooner than you all probably expected though I did make this dress a couple of months back I got a chance to be able to have a photo shoot so I could share this with you. The pattern I used was something I just stumbled across on esty and I fell in love.

This is the pattern and I believe it's from the late 50's early 60's and I just loved the block pattern for the top and bottom of the dress for dress A and I loved the scallops for B.

I planned to make custom orders for this dress but money has been tight as of late however if any readers would like to discuss getting this dress made for them just drop me a line.

Now I would like to introduce Carrie.

I loved the colors used for dress A so much I recreated it, and it's amazing! I used Linen for the white portion which gives it a little weight though the down side is the wrinkles.

So Carrie is more of a spring into summer kind of dress, you'd wear her out on a nice day, to the beach, park etc. I really do love this dress and she was fun to make and if you'd like to have this dress custom made for you just drop me a line. :) I hope to bring you more creations soon I hope you enjoyed.

Ja ne everyone!

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