Monday, February 24, 2014

The Woman in Red

Greetings everyone hope all is well. Of course it's been a while since I posted an outfit a lot has been going but I have been creating outfits. The garment I am about to share with you I made about a month ago so wow I'm now sharing it with you now.

This is the pattern I used.


I've really been into wiggle dresses, I love how they look on my figure and they just make feel badass. The cape I didn't make just because it doesn't really match the southern California weather but it doesn't mean I won't make the cape.

This was fun and interesting pattern to work with, it was a one piece outfit too so the bodice and skirt are connected which I didn't know at first.

So now I introduce Moira
I chose a heavy cotton for the skirt and a softer but thick cotton for the top. I loved the color scheme I chose for the outfit and I tied it together with some vintage red shoes I purchased. The dress is quite slimming and accentuates my curves but at the same time isn't too tight to where as you can't move around.

 Close up of the detail of the fabric.

So Moira is the type of flirty femme fatale dress, she has an air of dangerous mystery about her. If you saw a woman wear this across the room you'd get the idea that she would take you on a fun thrilling adventure. I really enjoyed making her and I see myself wearing her a lot.

I hope everyone enjoyed and I can't wait to share another garment with you all.

Ja nee!

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