Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year everyone! and a merry late xmas. Its been a while since I've posted a creation for you all and I apologize for that I've been busy with so many things and tight with funds and such I haven't gotten around to making anything but I do have a dress to share with you.
I created this dress a while back but I wasn't able to post it up for you all to see, at the time I was really feeling floral, Hawaiian style prints and I just had the idea to create a dress with it and yes I know Hawaiian print and dresses don't necessarily mix but I made it work.
The pattern I used was a pattern that I've shared before and is the one I used to create a dress for my mother on mothers day.
This is the pattern as a reminder, I really love style B of the pattern and its something you can easily make again and again but switch it up with different prints and just adding your own style.
Now I present to you....Flora.
 I made her a little shorter just because if I made her just as long as the pattern it would be to my ankles and would look awkward on my 5"4 frame so I opted for a above the knee look.


Flora is a tricky dress to accessorize with so I just chose black flats with studs, a black belt, and a black cardigan because you can never go wrong with black. Flora is a sunny day outing kind of dress. She can be worn to a luncheon with friends or just spending the day shopping or hanging with friends. I enjoyed making her, I'm hoping to be able to post more soon.
Ah and a special announcement I will be creating dresses using this pattern 
I will post the pattern on my etsy starting next week Jan 8th. I use Joann's to pick up fabrics so if you would like you can pick out the fabric you want from Joann's. I am taking preorders so if you want to discuss color, type of fabric or measurements you can message me on my etsy page,
I hope you all enjoyed and I hope to share with you soon.
Ja ne everyone!


  1. You definitely made the pattern and fabric work. It looks lovely!