Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beam Me Up...

Afternoon everyone :] Its a new Month and a new outfit. This post is a little different because its not a vintage dress but a vintage top that I made and it has a special childhood meaning for me.

As a little girl my mom was a big fan of Star Trek and she still is today. I used to walk in her bedroom or the living room and see her watching a marathon of Star Trek, at first being a kid I couldn't really understand but now every so often I watch a few episodes with her.

This is all came about when I went fabric shopping this weekend, my plans were to go to downtown LA but since I start spring semester I didn't want to blow all my money on fabric so I just decided to go to Joanns. In the past I would go for the cheaper fabric in Joanns however it wasn't translating well into my garments so I spent a little more money for better quality fabric which I don't mind at all.

Looking at the rows and rows of fabric I couldn't really find anything that jumped out at me and then I saw it.

The first thing that came to mind was my mom and how much she would love this and so I had to have it.
This is the pattern I decided to use for my top. I got this pattern off of esty and it was actually pretty well priced given the fact that you can create so many outfits with this one pattern. I wanna say this is from the 50's but I'm not entirely sure.
Making the top was actually pretty easy and only took about 3hrs and the fabric itself was very soft but not super thin which was great and it was my first time working with such a complex print so I wanted to make sure everything turned out just right.
This is the finished product and I decided to name her Venus. :) Venus would be worn on a casual day out and about and for the person who wants to wear Star Trek with pride. Venus is snug and hugs nicely around curves. It was a joy creating Venus and I bet my mom is proud. :]
Ja ne everyone

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