Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahoy Matey!

Afternoon everyone hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, my weekend was pretty bland but I did finish yet another dress. I'm so excited also because I got my business cards today and it just feels so official, I'm just terribly excited.

Alright so this weekend I created another vintage recreation with the last bit of fabric I had and this is the pattern I used.

I got this lovely pattern off of etsy and was super excited to bring it to life. Now I love vintage dresses but sometimes they can get a bit long for me especially since I'm only 5"4 and a college student who travels a lot so I don't wear heels. So when I got the pattern the skirt was down to my ankles so I shortened it a bit and I also shortened the sleeves just a tad since its starting to warm up.
And now I am proud to introduce my latest creation Lucy. I used a light fabric I got from Joanns because when I saw this fabric I just had to have it because I love anything nautical. When I created Lucy the girl/woman I had in mind was the girl who is a beach going girl enjoying a sunny day, going shopping on the boardwalk and just being flirty and fun. Lucy is more of a outing dress nothing for work or anything too serious but she still has a sophisticated look to her.
The buttons were a but of a challenge because I wasnt sure if I wanted white or red but in the end red just gave it a certain spark.
This is me modeling Lucy and the pictures were taken by my good friend Anissa. So I paired Lucy with a simple black belt, navy blue stockings and red pumps and it turned out very nice. I just love how great Lucy turned out I'm just so proud I'm beaming especially now that I have my business cards as well. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have more fabric and will be ordering more patterns to share with you guys and I might even share some of my old work.
Ja ne everyone :]

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