Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year

Good afternoon everyone, hope the new year is treating you well. :] Right now I'm fighting a cold but that hasn't stopped me from creating dresses.

Now lets start with a short introduction since this shall be my first post. My name is Zena and I'm a 20 year-old college student who lives in socal. I'm a fashion and psych major at Santa Monica college hoping to transfer to Berkeley. I create vintage recreations and put them on display, right now I'm not selling any of them but I am trying to get a business up and running. I've made nine recreations so far and though I won't be able to post all nine at once I would like to share with you my recent creation and a note I do name the dresses I create.

So let me introduce you to...Winifred

She took two days to complete due to school and my cold but she came out flawless. I used a Butterick pattern to create her. It is a full skirt pattern from the 60's I believe. I used a cotton fabric blend I purchased from Joanns. I really loved pattern of this fabric and it came out real well.
When I created Winifred I imagined a care free woman whos out and about shopping and enjoying the day or even a casual day at work.
I created Winifred for my mother who's given me inspiration, advice and support.


This is my beautiful mother in the dress I made for her.
I really enjoyed creating Winifred and I just want to create more beautiful dresses and I think this year is the year of the Seamstress.

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