Thursday, October 2, 2014

Floral Dreams

Hello everyone! it has been a while since I last posted a creation of mine but it has been a long and crazy year. So I'm going to jump right in and say I've decided to use Mood fabrics as my main source of fabric nothing against Joanns it is just Mood offers a wider range of good high quality fabric so I've been making more fabric purchases from them.

Now over the year I have been sewing but just small pieces like skirts and pants for myself but haven't been making bigger pieces like dresses and whole outfits just for financial reasons but in this post I'll be sharing a dress and a skirt that I made so I hope you enjoy.

So I present to you Kendra!

So I made this dress using fabric from Mood and it is I believe 100% polyester and I used a vintage pattern I got from etsy.

This is the pattern I used and is from the 1940's it's a simple pattern but you can do so much with it and I really love it.

Kendra is a dress for the woman on the go, lunch with friends, going out on the town on a beautiful sunny day, shopping etc. It's a nice print that isn't too overwhelming on the eyes and I really love how she came out.

Next is a circle skirt I made using fabric I got from my friends shop. I'm not sure what the fabric type is but it feels pretty sturdy though it wrinkles easily. I used/drafted a circle skirt using an old vintage pattern and eyeing it to make it fit me.

The print is berries and leaves and is great for the holiday season.

I am so happy about how these garments came out and the photos as well and it feels wonderful to be able to share my creations again and I have a few lined up so hopefully I can share them with you soon.

Photos/Makeup: Done by my friend Janelle so a big wonderful thanks to her!

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