Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rayon Checkers and Stripes

Hello again everyone! It is that time to share another creation with you, lately it has been hard to find good fabric at Joanns because I'm just so picky and I never have the funds for mood so I tried my hand at looking for fabric on etsy and I was not disappointed. I choose 5 yards of a rayon fabric that had a great vintage look to it.

This was the pattern I used, style A. However the way I situated the print with the pattern made it so that I couldn't make the skirt portion of the dress so I improvised and used a skirt pattern that I could use with the little left over fabric I had. While the outcome was not a full skirt look I still love the way the dress came out. Now let me introduce Estella!

I absolutely love this print,it is so beautiful but not overwhelming to the eyes. This dress is pretty versatile, it can be worn out with friends and can be dressed up for night as well.

With this close up you'll notice that besides the stripes and dots there is a checkered background which is a lovely detail and surprise.

I hope you guys enjoyed and I can't wait to share another creation with you soon.

Ja ne everyone! :)

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